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Until early 2012 there was no where online to look up restaurants that feed kids real, healthy and tasty food  instead of the usual nuggets and chips. Dutch website was started after Susan Aretz (founder  and self confessed foodie) wanted to take her daughter, a true mini Gourmand, out to dinner. An online search discovered nothing but tasteless, highly processed or deep fried 'food' on restaurants' kids menus.

Mini Gourmand

It was at this time that I decided to take matters into my own hands! Using the Dutch word for 'Mini Gourmand' I started to collect names and addresses of restaurants that serve real food to children; be it a really good kids menu or half a portion of the grown up menu.

Thanks to the buzz on Twitter and Facebook, Smulpaapje was an instant success. In less than nine months I had listed 100 restaurants throughout the Netherlands who recognised the discerning tastebuds of Mini Gourmands! So great was it's success I decided to create a new and improved professional website. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign (which raised over € 3.000) combined with a significant chunk of my own money (that’s how much I believed in it!) a brand new website was launched in June 2013.

Smulpaapje label

Smulpaapje proof label

At this point in time (December 2017) Smulpaapje has become a household name for anyone that wants to find a restaurant that serves more than the standard kids menu and the first couple of 'Smulpaapje proof' labels have been handed out to restaurants that are leading by example is how they feed their youngest guest.


Cook books

To get parents to feed their kids great food at home too, early April 2015 the first Smulpaapje cookbook was released, called 'What's for dinner' (Wat eten we vandaag in Dutch), it went to second print earlier this year. In september 2017 I released my second book, focussing on taking food to school (lunchboxes, Christmas dinner, snacks)

Get in touch

This website is in Dutch, but if you want more information or get in touch just drop us a line! or find me on Twitter @susanaretz or via @smulpaapje